What is setting up a company in Quoc Oai?

What is setting up a company in Quoc Oai? What does it take to start a new company? Is the common concern of many entrepreneurs when they want to open a company to do business? If you want to find the answer to this question, then immediately refer to the article below.

What is setting up a company in Quoc Oai? – Analyze from 2 angles

What is setting up a company in Quoc Oai? This is one of the issues that many people care about. Specifically, the concept of company establishment can be explained from two angles as follows:

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Economic perspective

Establishing a company is the process of fully preparing business problems and conditions for the establishment of an economic organization. Business entities need to prepare relevant conditions such as name, head office address, machinery, equipment, acceptance…

Legal perspective

Establishing a company is considered a legal procedure conducted by business owners at competent management agencies and state agencies. These documents and procedures will be simple or complex depending on the type of company.

steps to set up a company in Quoc Oai

Step 1: Talk to customers about setting up a company in Quoc Oai package and get customer information

What customers need to provide
What is the expected name?
What is the expected line of business?
Expected capital contribution for the first time
Where will the headquarters be located? Are you planning to open an office or branch in the future?
Are you using your ID card or CCCD for this business registration …vv

Step 2. Make a fee quote and the documents the customer needs to prepare


This step will include sending a detailed consultation email and enclosed with en.luathongduc.com’s fee sheet, If the customer agrees, we will proceed to sign the contract and then we will send a pre-established agreement form to the customer. members view and sign to perform the service of establishing the company.

Step 3. Conduct business registration

In this step, en.luathongduc.com will compile documents and submit documents to DPI for business registration.

Step 4. Carry out the post-establishment procedures

This step is the most important because it is necessary to make a seal, open a bank account, guide capital contribution and declare purchase application for the business.

(If you do it wrong, you will be fined a lot, so it takes practical experience to do it perfectly)

Benefits of establishing a company in Quoc Oai?

Branding is an essential component of a business. Once products have reached the point where they are virtually indistinguishable by nature, features, and benefits, the brand is the only thing that sets them apart. Brands speak of trust and safety. Therefore, initially establishing a company in Quoc Oai, you begin to build a generation brand.

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Scale up: You are doing business in the form of individuals, individual business households, establishing a company in Quoc Oai to help your business expand its business scale. It is a challenge for you to “expand” your market and brand.


Above are en.luathongduc.com’s advice on the steps to set up a company sent to readers. Please call the Hotline now for the best advice and quote on our cheap service packages for setting up a company in Quoc Oai.

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