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Voice is the key factor that determines the user experience when using text to speech (TTS) technology. TTS developers have continuously improved to create computer voices that increasingly resemble human speech. Currently there are many different voice options for TTS.

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Popular TTS voices:

Male/female voice: basic voice distinguishes between men and women.
Children’s voice: suitable for content aimed at young children.
Friendly voice: sounds pleasant and friendly.
Formal voice: suitable for reading news and speeches.
Mischievous voice: suitable for entertainment content.
Storytelling voice: suitable for reading stories and telling stories.
Close voice: sounds close, easy to get along with.
Deep voice: deep, convincing male voice.
High voice: female voice, sounds cheerful.
Famous voice: recorded by a famous person.
In addition to popular English voices, many languages also have their own TTS voices such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German,… to help serve multilingual users.

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To create realistic TTS voices, Speech synthesis technology uses:

Speech synthesis technology: synthesize sounds based on voice data warehouse.
Voice recording: record the actor’s real voice.
Voice recognition technology: AI learns and simulates speech.
Synthesize and process audio signals: create natural rhythm and intonation.
Major technology companies invest in research and development of TTS voices for their products. Some famous TTS voices:

Apple’s Siri.
Amazon’s Alexa.
Google’s Google Assistant.
Microsoft’s Cortana.
Samsung’s Bixby.
Companies also allow users to customize and add new voices to their products. Users can choose a voice that suits their personal needs and preferences.

Thanks to the strong development of TTS technology, today we have access to many diverse, realistic and friendly computer voice options. Hopefully in the future, TTS voices will become more and more like real people, bringing the best experience to users.

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