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Vietnamese text to speech (TTS) technology allows computers to read Vietnamese text into natural speech. Currently, Vietnamese users can access and use Vietnamese TTS technology completely free of charge.

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Free Vietnamese TTS tools are increasingly popular, including:

TTS Vbee: product of Vbee company, allows converting text into Vietnamese voice with male and female voices.
FPT TTS: FPT’s technology, creating natural and high-quality Vietnamese voice.
AISound: online tool from AI Sound company, quickly converts text to sound.
TTS Viettel: Viettel’s product, allowing conversion to many different languages.
Google TTS: TTS feature is available on Google Translate, supporting more than 100 languages.
These Vietnamese TTS tools help users convert text to speech quickly, conveniently and completely free of charge. The voice quality is relatively good, bringing an interesting experience to Vietnamese users.

Some typical applications of free Vietnamese TTS: reading books and newspapers for the blind; listen to text instead of reading; voice notes; learn pronunciation; create audio books; podcast recording; Vietnamese language learning support; entertain with stories;…

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However, because they are free, the quality of these tools is still not comparable to paid solutions. In addition, features and customizations are quite limited. But with the current strong development trend, it is hoped that TTS technologies will be increasingly perfected and popularized to a large number of Vietnamese users.

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