Google Text-to-Speech (GTTS) is a text-to-speech tool developed by Google. Launched in 2009, GTTS is one of the pioneering and most popular text to speech technologies today.

GTTS operates on Google’s DeepMind machine learning technology platform. Through machine learning techniques, GTTS can parse text syntax, intonation and convert into a voice that resembles a real person. GTTS supports more than 100 different languages, including Vietnamese.

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Advantages of GTTS:

Converts quickly, after just a few seconds you have an audio file
Supports many different natural voices
Allows adjusting reading speed, volume, and intonation
Simple interface, easy to use
Completely free, unlimited number of texts
GTTS can be integrated into 3rd party applications
Thanks to Google’s support, the quality of GTTS is increasingly improving, approaching actual human voice. GTTS brings many benefits such as supporting the blind, creating content for videos, foreign language learning applications,…

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Overall, with the support of advanced machine learning technology and completely free, Google Text-to-Speech is a reliable and useful text to speech tool. GTTS is expected to help popularize text-to-speech technology to more people in the future.

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