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Text to speech (TTS) technology is increasingly developing, helping computers have the ability to read text with a human-like voice. Currently, there are many free English TTS tools that help us convert text to audio easily.

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Some popular free English TTS tools:

NaturalReader: provides natural English reading with adjustable speed and volume. The free version allows short text conversion.
iSpeech: supports many different English voices from the UK, USA, Australia. Can be downloaded as mp3 file. Copyrighted free version.
Natural Reader: online tool that allows you to paste text and listen to it read in a natural voice. Free version has limited features.
ReadSpeaker: provides high quality British and American English voices. Allows testing of the free version.
Voicera: simple, easy-to-use online TTS tool. The free version has a limited number of characters.
From Text To Speech: website that allows online conversion of English text into speech for free.
There are also Capti Voice, Vocalware, Oddcast,… which are good free English TTS options.

Liên hệ trang https://texttosound.com để chọn sản phẩm tốt

The advantage of free TTS tools is that they help save users significant costs. However, quality and features may be limited compared to the paid version. In general, for basic usage needs, free English TTS tools are completely satisfactory.

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