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Prestigious service of establishing a company in Long An

According to current regulations, the time to issue a business registration certificate as well as a legal entity seal for an enterprise is 10 working days from the date of submission of all documents, papers and dossiers as prescribed. . However, in order to best meet customers’ requirements in terms of time, our Long An Company Establishment Service  can complete all the above procedures in the fastest time, even 2-3 days from the date the customer provides complete information and documents.

The process of establishing a business in Long An

Set up a business in Long An. Long An province is the industrial center of the West. attracting the highest amount of foreign direct investment capital in the country. Foreign investors when investing and doing business in Long An province must carry out investment registration procedures. and business registration in accordance with current law. We would like to guide the process of setting up a business in Long An. for foreign investors below.

Register to engrave the seal of the company and the director
Set up a sign for your business
Open a bank account (When opening a bank account, remember to bring ID; certificate of business registration; company seal)
Notify the business account number to the planning or investment department
Pay license tax according to regulations based on charter capital. License tax is about 2 or 3 million depending on charter capital
Register for invoice printing at the tax office
Enable digital signature for electronic tax filing and declaration

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The necessary procedures to establish a company as quickly as possible. Business owners can absolutely do this on their own. However, it is really not easy to prepare all the documents that the Department of Planning and Investment requires correctly. The procedure to open a company on paper is very complicated, so if you do not have expertise and experience, the application will be rejected. Therefore, it will take a lot of time and effort to do the paperwork yourself.

What to prepare to set up a business in Long An?
Free consultation on:
Free business establishment consultation Prepare conditions and documents before setting up a company.
Free consultation on what to do as soon as the enterprise  comes into operation.
Free consultation on trademark protection, exclusive trademark registration.
Free consultation for digital signature registration – online tax declaration, guidance on making tax reports, making accounting books.
Free consultation to order invoice printing for businesses, free to issue invoices.
Free consultation on opening a bank account.
Selection of business lines download: Decision 10 and Decision 337 of the system of business lines.
Dossier to register a company in Long An includes:
Application form for enterprise registration.
Charter of the company according to each type of enterprise.
List of shareholders, list of members according to the form.
ID card certified by shareholders and members.
Practicing certificate, if any.
Documents proving legal capital, if any.
Proof of business eligibility, if any.
Results after establishing a company in Long An include:
The certificate of business registration is also the certificate of tax identification number.
Seal sample certificate issued by the police agency.
The company’s legal entity stamp and title mark if the customer requires further engraving.
Charter, internal records of the company.
In case the company does not have an ACCOUNTANT, we will guide carefully how to declare tax monthly and quarterly so that businesses can be proactive in tax declaration.
Support companies and enterprises after establishment:

When the owner has in hand the business registration license and the seal of the enterprise, the establishment of the company is considered complete. However, there are many other things that a new company needs to do, such as declaring taxes, buying digital signatures, opening a bank account, etc.

Becoming our customer, you will receive free support and advice on all legal issues during the operation of your business:

Tax advice, guidance on using digital signatures, online tax registration;
Consulting on building brand identity, registering for protection of trademarks, trademarks, company logos, etc.
Consulting on building all kinds of internal documents of the company: charter, company rules, labor agreement, economic contracts and other documents;
Provide documents, samples of documents, decrees, regulations, etc. at the request of enterprises;

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Above is the basic information about the most detailed company establishment service in Long An. If you have any questions, you can contact us for a free consultation. Bao Tin will always bring you the best service.

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