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Text to speech (TTS) technology allows computers to read text into speech, just like humans are speaking. This is a very useful technology for many applications such as supporting the blind, creating audio books, enhancing web/app user experience, etc. Currently, text-to-speech conversion can be done completely. completely online through online TTS tools.

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Online TTS tools allow users to input text and instantly receive an audio file reading that text. The process takes place entirely on the cloud, no software installation required. Users only need an internet connection to use the online TTS service. Some popular online TTS websites such as VoiceRSS, Oddcast, Natural Reader, create natural voices in many different languages.

The advantage of online TTS is convenience and ease of use for users. With just a few simple steps, you can convert text into audio without needing to install any software on your computer. Online TTS also always updates the latest technology, bringing the best quality. Many services also allow customizing voice, speed, and language to suit many needs.

On the other hand, online TTS also has some limitations such as dependence on the internet, conversion speed may be slower than software installed on the computer. Some services require account registration and payment to use. Sound quality also depends on the technology of each service provider.

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However, with the development of AI technology and machine learning, the quality of online TTS services is increasingly improving, approaching human speech. Users can completely apply TTS online to support work and life instead of having to install software on the computer. Service providers also tend to be free or cheap to attract users.

In general, online TTS is an inevitable trend as technology develops. This is an effective and convenient solution for many users, especially those who are not tech-savvy. In the future, online TTS technology will become more and more perfect and popular.

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