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FPT Text To Speech:

FPT Text To Speech (FTTS) is a Vietnamese text-to-speech conversion tool developed by FPT Co. Ltd development. Launched in May 2018, FTTS is one of the pioneering technologies in the field of text to speech in Vietnam.

Tham khảo Text to Speech tốt nhất

FTTS uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to synthesize near-realistic speech from regular text. Specifically, FTTS applies DNN (Deep Neural Networks) and LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) models to analyze text syntax and intonation and create a natural reading voice with many emotional levels.

Features and advantages of FTTS:

Allows quick conversion, after just a few seconds you have an audio file
Supports many different male and female voices, users can choose flexibly
Reading speed, volume, and intonation can be easily customized
Friendly interface, easy to use even for newbies
The voice quality is good, clear, with few errors

Liên hệ trang https://texttosound.com để chọn sản phẩm tốt
Overall, with advanced AI and deep learning technology, FTTS is a useful and convenient tool for converting text to speech. FTTS is highly appreciated for its quality, bringing many practical utilities to Vietnamese users. FTTS promises to develop and improve further in the future.

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